Key metrics

  • Attention : How effectively the business attracts visitors.
  • Enrollment : How many visitors become free or trial users, if you're relying on one of these models to market the service.
  • Stickiness : How much the customers use the product.
  • Conversion : How many of the users become paying customers, and how many of those switch to a higher-paying tier.
  • Revenue per customer : How much money a customer brings in within a given time period.
  • Customer acquisition cost : How much it costs to get a paying user.
  • Virality : How likely customers are to invite others and spread the word, and how long it takes them to do so.
  • Upselling : What makes customers increase their spending, and how often that happens.
  • Uptime and reliability : How many complaints, problem escalations, or outages the company has.
  • Churn : How many users and customers leave in a given time period.
  • Lifetime value : How much customers are worth from cradle to grave.

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